Craig Groehn

IMG_0990Craig Groehn grew up in a military career family, which forced him to move around the country a great deal while growing up. Craig eventually settled in Iowa and graduated from Ankeny high school.

Craig always had an interest in serving his community and helping people; it’s always been the primary motivation for him to get into social work and therapy. Craig studied psychology and sociology at Central College in Pella, IA; he was highly influenced by socially important figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and Jimmy Carter. Nelson Mandela is one of his biggest heroes. Craig believes that the only way to overcome social woes are with a combination of compassion and strength.

Craig has always been active in achieving social justice for the many in the world that cannot fight for it themselves. Craig worked with emotionally challenged adolescents and other social justice issues related to the nuclear arms reductions and peace in Central America through education and political action. This spurred him to pursue clinical social work at the University of Iowa. While there, Craig provided suicide prevention hotline services, specifically with regards to high risk adolescent males. During his studies, he continued to be involved in social justice issues and was an active organizer of rallies to fight against Apartheid in South Africa. Craig also worked with the Southern African Coalition at American Friend’s Service Committee to assist through demonstrating and educating of Des Moines businesses as well as the city of Des Moines to continue the South African divestiture movement. Further, he worked with the homeless in the Des Moines area and provided therapy services to the general population.

Craig graduated from the University of Iowa and received honors for his final examination. He then began working in Ames, Iowa for the Central Iowa Mental Health Center. As a therapist, Craig worked with the general population providing individual, couple and family therapy. He also provided disability and suicide risk evaluation services and maintained a satellite office in Jefferson, Iowa. Coming from a military family and working at the mental health center his social work/therapy practice philosophy developed to one of courage, commitment and sacrifice. Craig’s clinical work evolved into a focus on specialty practice with complex DID, ritualistic abuse and complex trauma clients. During this time, he continued to receive trauma based training from Two Rivers Hospital.

He provided consultation to nursing homes that included evaluation and therapeutic services. Craig built a practice in Webster City, Iowa that focused on general therapeutic services with individuals, couples and families. Furthermore, he provided consultant services to other therapists regarding complicated trauma clients.